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Michael “Viewmaster” Morlan

There’s really nothing interesting to say about Michael, other than we all know he’s a robot.  Plus, he’s really going to regret not editing this page himself.




 Carla Siegle  AKA Carla Feldpausch (pronounced – god only knows how – does it really matter?)

Carla has a PhD. in Economics from a reputable eastern college, which I’m told is a good school (but I’m pretty sure it’s not as good as the University of Central Florida).  As an economist she has to turn down job openings every day, because you can’t throw a rock without hitting one.

She too will regret not editing her own bio.


Dan “UncleBob” Siegle

Born in a log cabin, in 1959, Dan has overcome tremendous obstacles to get to where he is today.

Dan did a short stint as a helicopter pilot in the military during the Carter administration, just after the Vietnam war when the country was tired of overseas commitments, and spent many hours flying in circles above the Texas/Louisiana border over Toledo Bend Reservoir, dreaming of being an astronaut on space shuttle Columbia.  The irony of that very same shuttle falling in pieces into that very same lake, 30 years later, is something he thinks of on occasion.

He  then attended the University of Central Florida where he received a BSE in Computer Engineering, and after being unable to find a Florida job after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, he moved to Clear Lake, Texas where he worked with Singer-Link Flight Simulation as a engineer/programmer on the F-16 flight simulator.

Then it was off to a small computer game company “Interstel”, which published the then famed “Star Fleet Battles” – back when games were made by individuals working by themselves in a garage or parents bedroom.  But after the dismal sales of “Scavengers of the Mutant World” (I believe it was 20 copies – 5 of which were returned), he moved into a real job working as a subcontractor to IBM, building the next generation mission control center in Houston, Texas.  He then became a one-man contractor for Texaco Engineering Production Technology Division where he did high end 3D graphics programming using IRIX on Silicon Graphics computers. The Texaco gig turned into a small company called “Magic Earth” where it was bought out by Halliburton for a large sum.

Slowly migrating from the technical side to becoming an autistic, uh, artistic 3D graphics person, his last real job was working in the production department of a small holographic company in Austin, Zebra Imaging Inc, where daily he would wrestle with 3D data transfer from all kinds of crazy formats into Max or Maya and then try to make it look good as a hologram.

Oh, and he owns – and hopes to fly again someday – a GT-400 Quicksilver ultralight.

And edits the bio page for Galactic Inquiry.




As the leader of the sock puppet army, Airgap takes his job seriously and has a true hatred of the Morlians.Airgap Thumbnail




As a loyal underling of Airgap, NumLock does his best to keep him out of trouble.


Single Sock

Single Sock

Single sock tries to fit in with the others, but sometimes it’s just hard.  His primary objective is to find a suitable mate.Single Sock

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